Follow Santa Ana Anti-Racism Reply to Charlottesville with Surf City Rally Today

With only five hours notice Saturday, various Topeka activist groups got 150 demonstrators to a Topeka park to mount an "anti-racism response" to the sad and deadly events in Charlottesville, Virginia. "A Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville" is also scheduled at noon today in Topeka. “I wanted to be around like-minded people right now,” one rallygoer named Burt Gower at Sasscer Park, which is at Ross Street and Santa Ana Boulevard, explained Saturday evening (via Indivisible OC-46, a consortium of Orange County groups pushing for town halls with their congressional representatives). Indivisible OC-46 joined the Orange County Racial Justice Collaborative and Together We Will OC, which is another social justice organization, in pulling together the event that included activists toting homemade signs with messages such as "Never Again," "Stay Focused" and “Make America America Again.”

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