Local man spots alien aircraft in backyard

San Gabriel - A spherical object spotted hovering silently over the San Gabriel Valley this week had residents gazing skyward and wondering what they were witnessing. The object appeared in the sky over the San Gabriel Valley Monday morning. One video, posted by YouTube userMario Lopez, appears to show a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department helicopter circling around the object for an inspection around 7 a.m. over San Gabriel. “Well, my friends, there’s a UFO over the San Gabriel Valley,” the videographer said. “A helicopter is circling it,” he added. “It looks like a big eyeball.” While the object resembled a large balloon, “There’s nothing holding it down, though. That’s the thing,” Mario Lopez. Mario Lopez said he had just finished washing his car when he spotted the object out of the corner of his eye. The sphere was metallic gray in color and made no noise, he said. “It was just weird because it didn’t budge,” Mario Lopez said. The witnesses went into his house to tell his 6-year-old son to come take a look, as well as to retrieve his cell phone to record video.

 Just Space

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