Dad arrested at Disney World for being a drunk mess

Disney World isn’t always the happiest place on Earth. That was the case for visitors on Sunday when an Ohio man was arrested after several people complained that he was on a drunken tirade. Witnesses reported that John Doe, 35, was cursing and plowing through crowds with a stroller at a park resort in Orlando, Florida. John Doe, who was visiting from Ohio, was charged with disturbing the peace and child neglect for the incident at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, according to news station WKMG. Visitors said that John Doe had been at the pool bar with his young child when he drank himself into a “state of intoxication.” Over the course of four hours, employees received at least 11 complaints about the dad, with several reporting he used racial slurs and threatened them with violence. A staff member escorted John Doe back to his hotel room, but he returned and refused to leave the food court. Orange County Police arrived to find his son, who was badly sunburned, had been sitting in a dirty diaper for hours. Officers arrested John Doe and transported him to jail. While in the patrol car, he reportedly threatened police and said President Trump would kill the officer driving the vehicle. He was released from jail Monday after posting the $2,200 bond.

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